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I have woken up and refreshed my email on my phone with eyes still too bleary to actually focus on the words that pop up in front of me. I have murmured to my love that the book was out and then wandered out of the room to make breakfast. I have arrived at work, then spammed the hell out of the work internal email system, ‘Look at me, look at me, I is a published author as of right now, look at me, I are special!!’ (granting me the rather amused retort from a co-worker: ‘She’s on freakin’ Amazon!’)

I have sat in my chair at work, buzzing (by now wide awake!) and too excited to really properly focus on what I was doing. My stats for tomorrow are going to show this but for today, I HAVE A BOOK!!

People are asking questions, getting back to me on reviews, liking pages, reblogging pages, congratulating and celebrating with me online and in person over this amazingly exciting moment in my little life.

By the end of the week, I expect that people around the world—people I have never met and have never even talked to (hi to all you new guys who have liked this page)—will at least know the name of my book, if not have purchased it for their very selves or put onto their to-be-read lists. And this wouldn’t be happening without my community of friends putting their hands up and mentioning forums and online groups that they are a part of, people they know, reviews they are willing to give.

I had thought that I was astounded by the support I’d found in the lead up to the publication of 'Gothic'. But now, on day 1, I am also overwhelmed by the support.

Eventually, I’m going to get sick of seeing the front cover to my book plastered around all the social network sites I like to frequent. Not too long after today, people are going to start gently suggesting I stop babbling on about this book already. A short while after that, those suggestions are going to get less gentle.

But today. Day 1. Novel Published, achievement unlocked, I am happy. I am proud, and I am utterly grateful.


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