Apr. 8th, 2011

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Alright. So this.... This is a story that is best represented by itself. It's poking fun of a whole lot of things, and was really fun to rewrite.

(If anyone knows how to do dreamwidth cuts, I'm happy to hide these stories behind them. I just don't know the html)

The Underground and Himself
This was before they knew him. He was arrogant, self-entitled, after that, but all the Sidhe were like that. Brought up as unelected aristocrats of the fey. At least according to Themselves. So what was he doing down here?

He was humble, only just this side of broken, and only just doing that well. Frator Victatio didn't forget much that he saw. He never brought it up afterwards, and neither did Bones. By the time they arrived at Arize's place, they were already pretending like it had never happened.

But out there, on that dank, drunken night, they had made first sight of the Sidhe that would become Samael. Vic didn't drink, but he did a good impression of a drunk man for all of that. They were swaying back and forth on the street that kept moving -- the street totally could have been moving; it was the underground, after all -- when Bones stood shock-still and Frator Vic resumed watchful sobriety.

"What the fuck is one of the Sidhe doing down here?"

Bones was moving again before Vic could quite reach out to stop her. She could take care of herself, it was just that Vic didn't necessarily think it was a good idea for her to prove that on a member of a race whose presence down here usually preceded violence.

As he watched this Sidhe, however, he didn't think that that was going to be the case. This one looked... lost. Like he didn't know what to make of the two of them, or even of himself having found his way down here. It was unsettling to see in the usually confident Sidhe.

Not unsettling to Bones, apparently.

"You look like shit." She wasn't saying it to borrow trouble, though Vic felt some concern that this might be the way her standard bluntness was received. For surety, the Sidhe was taken aback. Then his eyelids dipped half over his eyes in a way that somehow didn't obscure his view of Bones; a reasonably suave move coming from the Sidhe, since Bones stood almost as high as the lithe fey man.

"You are the bone woman."

Clearly, he'd heard of her.

Bones didn't preen for a moment over the obvious claim to infamy. "Yes. And you are tall, dark and reasonably attractive. For a fairy boy. So what are you doing here?" She attempted a leer but, between her drunken stance and lack of one eye behind the eye-patch she wore, it came out as almost more of a snarl.

Vic groaned under his breath, but the 'fairy boy's eyes flickered up immediately to assess him. Damned Sidhe. Their hearing was as bad as the vampires'. Vic cleared his throat, but stood his ground. Cherry wouldn't like it at all if he came home in more than one piece, but she'd like it far less if he didn't come home at all.

The Sidhe's eyes moved away from Vic as suddenly as they'd come to him, obviously -- probably correctly -- assessing her as the more volatile threat.

"And, he is?"

It was interesting that, bedraggled as he still clearly was, he was already beginning to command some of that arrogance that made up much of the backbone of his race. Bones didn't play into it at all. "That's Vic. And I'm Bones. And, you are?"

"I don't... have one." He frowned.

"A name? Eh." Bones shrugged one bare shoulder. "You'd be surprised how common that is around these parts. Why are you here?"

Bones' emphasis referred back to the original question, still unanswered, and now repeated twice. Apparently, this time the fairy boy saw fit to answer it.

"I have no where else to go." That lost look was returning to his features again. Apparently, they'd offered something to distract him for a while. Vic found that he almost preferred the fairy boy when he was cusping on arrogant.

"You do now," Bones supplied briefly. "Come on. Let's go knock on the Succubus' door."

Vic groaned again, this time without the Sidhe's note. Arize wasn't the best for having house guests; his partner even less so. This was going to be... interesting.

"Vic? You coming?"

Coming? Vic questioned silently, his feet already moving to follow up behind them. Like he'd miss this.


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