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I have been waiting for this episode of Glee all season. Each season so far has now had that one episode that has stood out as one that I could watch back to back to back ad nauseam, the one from first season being 'Vitamin D' and, in particular, this scene from youtube:
It's My Life / Confessions

This week's episode, 'Born This Way', I actually did watch twice back to back. Every single scene in this episode made me want to watch it again straight away! And, yeah, I could be doing my homework, but this is way more fun and it's holidays.


This episode begins with pretending that the members of this Glee club can't dance. Again. Of course, they are immediately punished for this when Finn knocks Rachel to the floor (by accident!!), which heralds the arrival of the Worst Doctor In History who tells her it's broken but "a great excuse for a nose job!"
Risks here are completely overlooked, as are any actual doctor-y investigation.

This is followed by another scene in which Santana "keeps it real" :D :D as she gives us an insight as to why she decided to get a boob job last season.

I'm really glad that they have gone back to the Santana / Brittany storyline, as well as totally hearting the idea that, if Santana got prom queen, Brittany would believe her if Santana told her it was "royal decree" for them to date. I love this idea so much I'm considering writing fanfic for it, including the line that Santana "has to gay".

Oh! The look on Quinn's face when Rachel thanks her for coming to the doctor with her.

Quinn: I'm surprised more girls haven't asked me. My nose is totally awesome!
Rachel: *all understanding and knowing nods with a little fangirling in there as Quinn asks to be able to count on her vote*

Little do we realise how important this nose is to her. Seeing the look on Rachel's face, during Quinn's big noting of herself is amusing too since Rachel is often in the position of big noting herself.

If Rachel seems a little concerned during this scene, it's probably largely the fact that she's not the one big noting herself. For once, Quinn appears to have all the confidence, and it's a confidence that doesn't really rely on Quinn pulling someone else down. This seems a good time for Rachel to encourage a little girl talk.

Rachel: So... secret girl's business? What's it like to be you?
Quinn: I have a warped view of the world. It's awesome.
Rachel: My warped world view comes with a very different effect to yours...
Quinn: I can get away with everything!
Rachel: How about getting pregnant?
Quinn: Hmm? I didn't quite here that?
Rachel: Getting kicked off the Cheerios? Twice?
Quinn: Missed it again. Huh, they have really bad acoustics in here. Oh look, there's the doctor!
Doctor: Are we ready to give you completely needless surgery?
Rachel: Ah... no... *looks to Quinn*
Quinn: It appears we haven't sung about it yet. You understand.
Doctor: I'm sorry. I didn't really hear a word you said because I was so distracted by your wonderful nose.
Quinn: It happens :)

Unlike Finn and Quinn later on, Quinn and Rachel manage to have a conversation here that doesn't involve the third one of their love triangle, thus fostering more of my secret little Quinn-and-Rachel-both-toss-Finn-aside-and-fall-into-each-others'-arms 'ship.

I also love this sequence, and the song, because it's how I imagine their OOC life is. There are so many pictures out there of the two of them together, but I think this is the first song they have sung together that was only the two of them. Also, Rachel didn't over sing quite so much while singing against Quinn. Brava all these things!!!

Okay, so, Santana is my favorite pairing all on her own, and there was such a lot of Santana in this episode. Like when Karofsky's trying to assert his non-gayness through noticing Sam's jeans, not his ass.

Santana: Like that's any less gay.

Exact quote. Yo.

Actually, everything she says in this scene is like the writers wrote up the parody I could have written if they'd been less on the ball. I can do no better. The future that "Auntie 'Tana" paints out for him is another thing I want to write, in a future fic that may or may not include their mutual beard-status.

Ah, here we go, the next conversation between Quinn and Finn where Rachel is unable to be extricated from their relationship. What I find more distracting than this, however, is the truly amazing set up they have of having this conversation through the eye-hole at the back of their lockers, all the way through to the confused look on Finn's face just before he closes his at the end.

I know that the pause at the end of Finn / Mike's dance sequence is another punchline for Finn's dancing but... I really love his dancing here. There's a part of me that can't help but see the gawky man he was at the beginning of the show and appreciate how far he's come. This sequence really portrays the best of this. Also appreciated is how different this song is from his usual repertoire, ya know, right up to Finn's raising his hands at the end of the song. Kinda ruined it for me.

Bleach your freckles. Ahhhh. That makes so much more sense than bleach your knuckles, which is what i heard the first time.

Does anyone see the beginning of Karofsky's speech as sounding like an introduction at an AA meeting? I love when Santana starts mouthing along with him and you figure out why it's so stilted from Karofsky's mouth. But yeah, despite these things, I found the whole thing a little unrealistic. The line "I know I'll need to earn back your trust" kinda make me want to puke more than when Santana stepped up and held his hand. I lived for the moment when Kurt calls him out and Karofsky reacts with some of his own personality again.

Puck being in the girls' bathroom but, more, the fact that he drilled a "peephole" in the wall so he could see when no one was going. This is both disgusting and hilarious, which is Puck all over. If anyone is a broken record, then that's Puck with his "hot Jew" business but somehow I can forgive him that too. The fact that the Glee club has deemed Puck the most likely to get her to the mall, over Kurt or any of the girls who could have come into the restroom, says something about their relationship that I want to infer. This scene also leads us neatly into my favorite scene, and my favorite screen shot, as pictured above!! Lines like what Puck says here make me imagine how amazing a person he's going to grow up to be.

Next scene:

Puck: Why are we all standing out here? We have the right number of Glee club members to make a team. And what about that piano just sitting there in the yard? That guy with the guitar over there? And those violins?
Mercedes: Kurt's back!
Sam: Well that explains why all this stuff is here instead of the auditorium.
Kurt: I'm back!!
All Other Students: *cheers and applause*
Sam: Hang on, wait. I thought Glee club was meant to be unpopular.
All Other Students: ......
Merecedes: Now there's a reason we're meeting here today.
Blaine: You didn't think I'd let you go so easily, did you?
Kurt: <3 <3 I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go.

Actually no, this scene is much more slashy than this. It went a little more like this:

Blaine: I'll still get to have you after school and on the weekends.

Oh yes. Another direct quote. :D

All mocking aside, perfect song choice. I cried at Kurt/the Warblers, my first time getting teary over Glee, but smiling all the time. I love that Kurt's first song back was Barbara, putting him straight back in with Rachel; another lead into the scene coming next. Actually, all the songs in this episode were stunning. I'm sad I've only been able to find 5 of them. I've been struck dumb by this song both times I've watched it now. Kurt really pulled out all the stops on this one. Every time they pan out into the corridor at the end of this, I expect to see Karofsky standing out there, the outsider.

And, if this had been a normal lengthed episode, this would have been the ending. However, we get 15 extra minutes this week!

Is it bad that when Lauren called Quinn 'Lucy', I thought for a second she was speaking in really bad taste and was referring to the state of her after having given birth? I love it every time they open up Quinn's character. Sorry, Lucy Q's character (:D). I have a question, though. Lauren guessed Quinn's old nickname was Juicy Lucy before she finished her conversation with Quinn. The posters were already on the notice board by then, so how is it that it says Lucy Caboosey on the poster? Just one of the things Continuity Guy didn't manage pick up that day.

Puck / Rachel!!! The only thing I don't like about this scene is that Puck is replaced by Kurt so early. However, the expression on Puck's face as he puts on the jukebox, followed by the little dance he does a bit later, more than makes up for it. For all of my private canon, I like Rachel and her relationships with Kurt and Mercedes that much better when she's single.

And ooooh the flash mob!!! I LOVE it when they do this. This scene is only made more awesome by the fact that it is a real thing that happens, not something in Artie's imagination. :D :D :D

That Lauren apologises is but one of the reasons she is my favorite character. Come on, she's a bitch, but she's the one keeping it real.

Santana / Brittany / Lebonese = 'nuff said. Another scene where I wouldn't change a line.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed by their tees that summarised the glee club's weekly project, but that could also be because I had so much love for every other scene in this episode. Their dancing was good though, which was the concern before Finn knocked Rachel over. Don't know when they managed to practice with everything else that went on, but good for them!


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