May. 5th, 2011

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Inspired by the second of Justina Robson's second sci-fi elf-and-demon book, Selling Out, and the elf speaking of the main character as 'his girlfriend'.


He was finally here.

Over the hill, where the trees that didn't sing grew, past the buildings that seemed to suck in light, amidst pedestrians who didn't seem to feel the connection with the ground they walked on.

Samael stood on a not too busy street in suburbia. Not too busy by human standards, perhaps. Traffic flowed without backing up much, but Samael couldn't make himself look back to those moving boxes of metal for long. It was still a struggle to remind himself that he would not have an adverse reaction to it. However, having an elderly woman help him across a road several streets back, had bruised his pride and made Samael decide he would deal better with these things.

He had demanded to be here. If fast moving vehicles were another part of being here, that was the price. In turn, he would just have to think of them as horses. Brightly coloured, chrome, flashing horses, that growled and rolled on wheels, but horses nonetheless.

Dark had told him that his life here would take longer to get used to than the physical body he now wore, and now Samael believed him. The guardian had given him a look of mild pity when they came to be here after Samael's first moment of contact with the trees.

"Do you need a moment?" The words had been delivered with the perfect impartiality that Dark had ever used to speak with him, and Samael had shaken his head and indicated they should move on. Every minute longer that kept him away from Tiana was needless.

Now, standing at the window that reflected not just his physical form, but the mobile metal boxes beyond him, he almost wished he'd taken that moment by the trees.

Then he saw her on the other side of the mirror, and found he couldn't move even one step towards her.


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