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This book is like Francesca Lia Block and Melissa Marr teamed up to write the book of my dreams.

Well no, actually, it's not as good as all that. But it has elements of both writers which is giving me a nostalgic zing. The intrigue of a Faerie book written after a War between humans and faeries sometime in the near future keeps me turning pages.


Actually, I can do better than that. In my teenage years, I read a lot of books by Sherryl Jordan. While a beautifully evocative author, her books were a little bit sameish on theme: stories were often about outcasts and, much of the time, they would be set in some post-apocalyptic world/historical world. Both backdrops had much the same feeling.

With Janni Lee's first book, Bones of Faerie, I'm getting a bit of that vibe. The main character, Liza, is an immediately sympathetic character. Supporting characters are vivid. It is not just the bits and pieces of information on the humans vs faeries War that keeps me turning pages.

I know that, in a year or so, Melissa Marr's first book Wicked Lovely is going to be released as a movie. Around that time, there is going to be multitudes of fanfic flying up all over the place. In the meantime, though, this book is making me want to take that characters from that universe (because I am too busy to think up original characters, naturally) and put them into the situation of War against the humans. \

A part of me is hoping that Janni Lee's sequel novel, Faerie Winter, is going to be a prequel -- much like Malinda Lo's Huntress was a prequel/sequel of her Cinderella story Ash -- but a bigger part of me somehow doubts it.
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I meant to write many posts on here. Original writing, fandom, pictures of anything. Everything.

Truth is, life just got busy. Right now, I'm nearing the end of my first semester of Honours, and that's taking up a lot of the background of my mind. I'm loving it, and I feel like I've managed my time really well. If I get offered more hours at work next semester, I feel like I can take them. Thesis is in full whole draft stage. Two course work units are both at final draft stages. Yet, even when I'm sitting around on my computer doing nothing much (like right now), I'm thinking about how much I'm not!doing Honours work/reading/writing/etc.

It's just... tiring. When I stop and think about it... I realise it's a lot more tiring than I've been giving credence too.

I've been filling my time more liberally with social stuff these last couple of weeks. Unconsciously, I suppose, I've realised that spending all of my time on my Honours is not healthy. My boy has already taken and practiced [personal profile] crazyjane's advice of taking papers I was reading from me and calmly saying, "Not now."

That the weather doesn't know what it's doing isn't helping, and what's really not helping was having a solid week of overcast in the week just gone which made my wakefulness seem... difficult. Most of Friday disappeared in a sort of dream. Overcast is the worst. Inevitably, by the end of the day, I have that feeling of having not slept the night before and ready to fall over the minute it gets dark.

And then, of course, there was my Glee marathon two nights ago that made the world a happier place, and kept me up till 4.30am.

On happier places, I have a new girlfriend, and my boy has a new almost!girlfriend. I sometimes catch myself staring off into space with this foolish smile on my face. Those are wonderful moments, and not just because they are also moments in which I completely forget about the Honours work that I am not!reading/writing/etc.

I want more time. I'm absolutely loving everything in my life right now. At the moment, I seem to be managing to juggle everything so that nothing and nobody important is neglected. But I do want more time. This last week, particularly, I've been taking more time to myself than I usually do. I really feel like, with all the things going on at the moment, I need to make sure that I am quite aware of where my own head's at. And I am getting on top of that. I just also feel like... if I could let go of this tiredness, just a little bit, I would be enjoying everything that much more :)

Edit: And, yes, the irony of making a post about tiredness at 11pm instead of simply going to bed is not at all lost on me :D

*trundles to bed*

Glee 2.20

May. 12th, 2011 11:41 am
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Watching Glee yesterday, I'm thinking two things.


What is that name down in the bottom corner there? O.o

And that was it for me for the rest of that conversation. I didn't even know what happened in it till the second time I watched it through.

Then, as the episode progressed, I'm thinking: Must write fanfic quickly, as there's no way that he's going to continue being in the show this time around beyond the current season!!! (Okay, I haven't actually checked this with facts that I could no doubt find on the internet, I'd rather be pleasantly surprised).

Oh, actually, I lie. There was one thing I thought of that wasn't Jonathan Groff related, and that was: This is exactly what I would have liked my prom to be about had I had one. All about women dancing with each other, men dancing with each other, "Someone for everyone," as Kurt at one point says. There's drama and fighting, threatened torture and the Glee group actually making 'Friday' sound good. (As a friend said, though, this song choice seemed there only to be able to prove that they can make absolutely any crappy thing look fantastic.)

I especially liked the framing of Kurt/Santana/Quinn all saying that they weren't going back into the prom room, and the latter two making plans to run away from the school entirely.

All in all, Santana and Jesse are my favorite characters (what's wrong with me?), and I truly wish that they would one day break away from the show to create their own spin-off series if either of them have to leave at all.



May. 8th, 2011 05:27 pm
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Last night, from 7pm, was the second annual Steampump event put together by the guys who go around to schools doing the History Up Close program.


By about 6.30pm, everyone who had either a stall, connection to History Up Close, or anyone else doing a service was inside and flitting in pre-Steampump socialising. This was lovely, and the first occasion when I happened across the hot chocolates made out of chocolate, milk, and cream. Mmmmmm.

For this event, I'd been approached to do tarot reading. Now, this was with the full awareness that it wasn't something I did professionally, yet I had more than a passing proficiency with the cards. They had this little room sectioned off and draped up in curtains, a little table in the middle of the room covered in pretty fabric for a tablecloth, and a lamp that was dim enough to create just the right atmosphere, but bright enough that I could actually see the cards I was trying to read.

Come about 7.15pm, we tarot readers were approached by the man running the event because apparently people had already started showing an interest in getting a reading. I don't know whether the first people that we read for started saying really nice things, or whether the Steampunk crowd are just open to and excited about the idea of tarot readings. In any case, a 20 minute wait in a line outside of the tarot reading room was about usual all the way until midnight. At one point, instead of switching on and off, another room was created for us so that the two of us who were reading could read at the same time. That was a real special hour and a half without break. But in a good way.

This was the first time I'd read so many people who were not people I knew at all. Of course, there was the odd person who came in that I knew; two in fact were people that I knew but didn't know well enough to know what I could get away with saying, or how frank I should be, and that created its own special level of awkwardness until I was able to move past it.

By and large, I found that the readings that were most appreciated were the readings that I was sure I was getting so wrong by the second card that I was almost ready to put down the cards and apologise that I wasn't sure what I was going on about. There were a lot of people who came in with that 'this'll be a laugh' kind of game expression at the start and, by the end, were reaching into their pockets for $10s and $20s towards the donations that we'd announced would be welcome.

The strangest thing was... I believe I got a 100% hit rate, which seems utterly ludicrous, considering the sheer number of people who came through. It seemed, long before the end, that there were three different kinds of people sitting there after readings and, somehow, the readings that I was giving were received equally well by all three groups.

1/ In this group, I would put the people who have their own working interaction with magic and/or universe. They are the types who likely do their own tarot readings to clarify moments on their own path, and are therefore coming to another tarot reader to get second opinion and/or just simple confirmation of the messages they've themselves gotten.
2/ The second group of people are those who would likely be more than happy to have a working communication with the universe and/or their own set of tarot cards if they could make sense out of what either or both are trying to say.
3/ The third are the ones who inevitably ended readings with a statement similar to 'Wow, this is what my friends have been saying to me for ages'. They are the sort who, if they don't like what they are hearing from the universe/friends/other, have a tendency to stick their head in the sand ostrich-style. I actually found myself coming out with these words to a couple of them and, by and large, they are not unaware that they do this.

In the course of the night, one of the people who came in, after receiving her reading, offered me her card and told her she was an event manager and to give her a call this week. Which was incredibly flattering, and something I have to now decide whether it's something I want to go into. Cause, if I was interpreting her correctly, this could mean I have a possibility for being a sort of carnival-style tarot reader at more than this event.

I'm not the kind of tarot reader who takes the whole thing too seriously, really. To me, the entire night was a whole lot of fun, made up largely of the amount of gratitude that was shown both in words and donations. None of the readings were incredibly in depth, purely because the line discouraged it. For most, readings went for about 15 minutes and were a crude combination of a part of the Celtic cross and the past, present, future spreads, with extra cards being drawn at need. I liked that I didn't need to fill out a particular space of time; these readings just went for the amount of time they needed to, and then it was time for the next one. In that way, this environment suited me much more than the hippy shop type tarot reading option that I've also tried out.

However, for all that, the decision is going to have to be made up on a 'do I have time?' kind of basis. Steampump was an event that I was interested in attending anyway. Being paid for being there and, in fact, not having to pay entry, was just icing on the top of a steampunk-decorated cake.
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Inspired by the second of Justina Robson's second sci-fi elf-and-demon book, Selling Out, and the elf speaking of the main character as 'his girlfriend'.


He was finally here.

Over the hill, where the trees that didn't sing grew, past the buildings that seemed to suck in light, amidst pedestrians who didn't seem to feel the connection with the ground they walked on.

Samael stood on a not too busy street in suburbia. Not too busy by human standards, perhaps. Traffic flowed without backing up much, but Samael couldn't make himself look back to those moving boxes of metal for long. It was still a struggle to remind himself that he would not have an adverse reaction to it. However, having an elderly woman help him across a road several streets back, had bruised his pride and made Samael decide he would deal better with these things.

He had demanded to be here. If fast moving vehicles were another part of being here, that was the price. In turn, he would just have to think of them as horses. Brightly coloured, chrome, flashing horses, that growled and rolled on wheels, but horses nonetheless.

Dark had told him that his life here would take longer to get used to than the physical body he now wore, and now Samael believed him. The guardian had given him a look of mild pity when they came to be here after Samael's first moment of contact with the trees.

"Do you need a moment?" The words had been delivered with the perfect impartiality that Dark had ever used to speak with him, and Samael had shaken his head and indicated they should move on. Every minute longer that kept him away from Tiana was needless.

Now, standing at the window that reflected not just his physical form, but the mobile metal boxes beyond him, he almost wished he'd taken that moment by the trees.

Then he saw her on the other side of the mirror, and found he couldn't move even one step towards her.


Apr. 27th, 2011 10:16 pm
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I have been waiting for this episode of Glee all season. Each season so far has now had that one episode that has stood out as one that I could watch back to back to back ad nauseam, the one from first season being 'Vitamin D' and, in particular, this scene from youtube:
It's My Life / Confessions

This week's episode, 'Born This Way', I actually did watch twice back to back. Every single scene in this episode made me want to watch it again straight away! And, yeah, I could be doing my homework, but this is way more fun and it's holidays.


This episode begins with pretending that the members of this Glee club can't dance. Again. Of course, they are immediately punished for this when Finn knocks Rachel to the floor (by accident!!), which heralds the arrival of the Worst Doctor In History who tells her it's broken but "a great excuse for a nose job!"
Risks here are completely overlooked, as are any actual doctor-y investigation.

This is followed by another scene in which Santana "keeps it real" :D :D as she gives us an insight as to why she decided to get a boob job last season.

I'm really glad that they have gone back to the Santana / Brittany storyline, as well as totally hearting the idea that, if Santana got prom queen, Brittany would believe her if Santana told her it was "royal decree" for them to date. I love this idea so much I'm considering writing fanfic for it, including the line that Santana "has to gay".

Oh! The look on Quinn's face when Rachel thanks her for coming to the doctor with her.

Quinn: I'm surprised more girls haven't asked me. My nose is totally awesome!
Rachel: *all understanding and knowing nods with a little fangirling in there as Quinn asks to be able to count on her vote*

Little do we realise how important this nose is to her. Seeing the look on Rachel's face, during Quinn's big noting of herself is amusing too since Rachel is often in the position of big noting herself.

If Rachel seems a little concerned during this scene, it's probably largely the fact that she's not the one big noting herself. For once, Quinn appears to have all the confidence, and it's a confidence that doesn't really rely on Quinn pulling someone else down. This seems a good time for Rachel to encourage a little girl talk.

Rachel: So... secret girl's business? What's it like to be you?
Quinn: I have a warped view of the world. It's awesome.
Rachel: My warped world view comes with a very different effect to yours...
Quinn: I can get away with everything!
Rachel: How about getting pregnant?
Quinn: Hmm? I didn't quite here that?
Rachel: Getting kicked off the Cheerios? Twice?
Quinn: Missed it again. Huh, they have really bad acoustics in here. Oh look, there's the doctor!
Doctor: Are we ready to give you completely needless surgery?
Rachel: Ah... no... *looks to Quinn*
Quinn: It appears we haven't sung about it yet. You understand.
Doctor: I'm sorry. I didn't really hear a word you said because I was so distracted by your wonderful nose.
Quinn: It happens :)

Unlike Finn and Quinn later on, Quinn and Rachel manage to have a conversation here that doesn't involve the third one of their love triangle, thus fostering more of my secret little Quinn-and-Rachel-both-toss-Finn-aside-and-fall-into-each-others'-arms 'ship.

I also love this sequence, and the song, because it's how I imagine their OOC life is. There are so many pictures out there of the two of them together, but I think this is the first song they have sung together that was only the two of them. Also, Rachel didn't over sing quite so much while singing against Quinn. Brava all these things!!!

Okay, so, Santana is my favorite pairing all on her own, and there was such a lot of Santana in this episode. Like when Karofsky's trying to assert his non-gayness through noticing Sam's jeans, not his ass.

Santana: Like that's any less gay.

Exact quote. Yo.

Actually, everything she says in this scene is like the writers wrote up the parody I could have written if they'd been less on the ball. I can do no better. The future that "Auntie 'Tana" paints out for him is another thing I want to write, in a future fic that may or may not include their mutual beard-status.

Ah, here we go, the next conversation between Quinn and Finn where Rachel is unable to be extricated from their relationship. What I find more distracting than this, however, is the truly amazing set up they have of having this conversation through the eye-hole at the back of their lockers, all the way through to the confused look on Finn's face just before he closes his at the end.

I know that the pause at the end of Finn / Mike's dance sequence is another punchline for Finn's dancing but... I really love his dancing here. There's a part of me that can't help but see the gawky man he was at the beginning of the show and appreciate how far he's come. This sequence really portrays the best of this. Also appreciated is how different this song is from his usual repertoire, ya know, right up to Finn's raising his hands at the end of the song. Kinda ruined it for me.

Bleach your freckles. Ahhhh. That makes so much more sense than bleach your knuckles, which is what i heard the first time.

Does anyone see the beginning of Karofsky's speech as sounding like an introduction at an AA meeting? I love when Santana starts mouthing along with him and you figure out why it's so stilted from Karofsky's mouth. But yeah, despite these things, I found the whole thing a little unrealistic. The line "I know I'll need to earn back your trust" kinda make me want to puke more than when Santana stepped up and held his hand. I lived for the moment when Kurt calls him out and Karofsky reacts with some of his own personality again.

Puck being in the girls' bathroom but, more, the fact that he drilled a "peephole" in the wall so he could see when no one was going. This is both disgusting and hilarious, which is Puck all over. If anyone is a broken record, then that's Puck with his "hot Jew" business but somehow I can forgive him that too. The fact that the Glee club has deemed Puck the most likely to get her to the mall, over Kurt or any of the girls who could have come into the restroom, says something about their relationship that I want to infer. This scene also leads us neatly into my favorite scene, and my favorite screen shot, as pictured above!! Lines like what Puck says here make me imagine how amazing a person he's going to grow up to be.

Next scene:

Puck: Why are we all standing out here? We have the right number of Glee club members to make a team. And what about that piano just sitting there in the yard? That guy with the guitar over there? And those violins?
Mercedes: Kurt's back!
Sam: Well that explains why all this stuff is here instead of the auditorium.
Kurt: I'm back!!
All Other Students: *cheers and applause*
Sam: Hang on, wait. I thought Glee club was meant to be unpopular.
All Other Students: ......
Merecedes: Now there's a reason we're meeting here today.
Blaine: You didn't think I'd let you go so easily, did you?
Kurt: <3 <3 I'll never let go, Jack. I'll never let go.

Actually no, this scene is much more slashy than this. It went a little more like this:

Blaine: I'll still get to have you after school and on the weekends.

Oh yes. Another direct quote. :D

All mocking aside, perfect song choice. I cried at Kurt/the Warblers, my first time getting teary over Glee, but smiling all the time. I love that Kurt's first song back was Barbara, putting him straight back in with Rachel; another lead into the scene coming next. Actually, all the songs in this episode were stunning. I'm sad I've only been able to find 5 of them. I've been struck dumb by this song both times I've watched it now. Kurt really pulled out all the stops on this one. Every time they pan out into the corridor at the end of this, I expect to see Karofsky standing out there, the outsider.

And, if this had been a normal lengthed episode, this would have been the ending. However, we get 15 extra minutes this week!

Is it bad that when Lauren called Quinn 'Lucy', I thought for a second she was speaking in really bad taste and was referring to the state of her after having given birth? I love it every time they open up Quinn's character. Sorry, Lucy Q's character (:D). I have a question, though. Lauren guessed Quinn's old nickname was Juicy Lucy before she finished her conversation with Quinn. The posters were already on the notice board by then, so how is it that it says Lucy Caboosey on the poster? Just one of the things Continuity Guy didn't manage pick up that day.

Puck / Rachel!!! The only thing I don't like about this scene is that Puck is replaced by Kurt so early. However, the expression on Puck's face as he puts on the jukebox, followed by the little dance he does a bit later, more than makes up for it. For all of my private canon, I like Rachel and her relationships with Kurt and Mercedes that much better when she's single.

And ooooh the flash mob!!! I LOVE it when they do this. This scene is only made more awesome by the fact that it is a real thing that happens, not something in Artie's imagination. :D :D :D

That Lauren apologises is but one of the reasons she is my favorite character. Come on, she's a bitch, but she's the one keeping it real.

Santana / Brittany / Lebonese = 'nuff said. Another scene where I wouldn't change a line.

Overall, I was a bit disappointed by their tees that summarised the glee club's weekly project, but that could also be because I had so much love for every other scene in this episode. Their dancing was good though, which was the concern before Finn knocked Rachel over. Don't know when they managed to practice with everything else that went on, but good for them!
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I work in a sci-fi / fantasy specialist bookshop so, it shouldn't come as a surprise, I tend to end up giving recommendations of books to read to friends of mine fairly often. Especially when they are visiting from Canberra. Especially when they are living with us in our house ;)

A couple of months ago, I gave such a recommendation to [profile] ingysledge which, in turn, gave her an idea of the kinds of books I might like.

Now, I don't like sci-fi. Fantasy is more my thing and reasons such as greater character development and aspects of romance, as opposed to machinery and technology, are my reasons. However, when Ingrid suggested Keeping It Real by Justine Robson, I decided I'd give it a go.


For the first 50 pages, I was having moments of "Oh, yeah this isn't so bad.... hah, that line was actually quite good! ... don't know why I'm still reading this book really... oh, there's a reason. Pity the whole book isn't like this". I likewise suffered to about page 100, and here was where the cartoon light turned on above my head.

145 pages in, I looked down to the page number to realise, with some surprise, that I hadn't put the book down in almost 50 pages. This shit just got really good.

What is this book about? Well, it's probably going to come as a real fucking surprise to see that I like faery fiction. The premise of the Quantum Gravity series, of which Keeping It Real is just the first, is that a bomb some time in the not too distant future has gone off and disintegrated all of the barriers between Earth, or Otopia as it is now called, and other realms, including the faery realm, the elvish realm, the demon realm and that of the elementals. Oh, and our main character is a cyborg.

I now think, given I know how the end of the book rounds off, that the first 100 pages are going to improve immensely through knowing what is about to happen and seeing all the signs of foreboding in the text.

To my excitement, I realised that this was not just a trilogy, but a first book in a series of five so far that have been released. To my disappointment, however, this first book is not a stand alone. For sure, it ties up many of the loose ends but, for the characters, there are many openings left to be explored in later books.

So, as today is a public holiday and the public libraries are not open, I am suffering to write down my thoughts of the book I currently have, and making plans in the direction of the local library tomorrow afternoon.

Skins (UK)

Apr. 21st, 2011 10:59 pm
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I seem to be doing a fairly good job, so far, of documenting where it is that I'm getting my inspiration for actual and projected scenes, even if it is from UK Skins watching with [profile] priortodeath today.

I make it no secret that I love the character of Effy Stonem. So, it's equally possible that I'm indulging in a mini Effy photo post here... which has also inspired an idea for a scene that isn't going to be written anytime before tomorrow.


And some prose: "I'm the one who gets to have the fucking breakdown," James said, his voice low and angry. "That's how it works. Your job is to hold it together, and I kill people, and I fuck, and I do all sorts of evil shit that you don't have to think about."
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Lead-in to this journal entry here

Samael shrugged his shoulders in the new body that had been tied to him, tied to his essence. The usual menagerie was not here. Bones had made sure of that.

"I only count one bone woman here, and it certainly isn't any one of you," she'd announced to a room that consisted of Eddie, Arize, Hunter, Vic and Dark.

Danika, behind a smirk she didn't do a lot to hide, dared ask idly, "Why's he get to come along?"

Bones had looked at Dark, then answered, "He's a guardian."

Now Samael stood, with only Bones and Dark, pondering the body they had given him while the guardian and the bone woman watched on.

"It doesn't feel any different."

Bones tipped her head to the side, looking at him with no small amount of irony. "Well, of course it doesn't feel any different. You're still here, aren't you?"

Samael looked down at himself, almost expecting to see parts of his body become suddenly transparent. When that didn't happen, he looked back up at Bones and Dark. "I'm still here," he agreed, with one short nod.

Bones snorted. "Not here, you idiot. Here." She waved her arm around, indicating everything around them, the graveyard and beyond. "In the underground."

Samael blinked. "And your point?" he asked.

When Bones sighed and rolled her eyes, Dark decided to take this one. "Believe me. You'll notice a difference when you go topside."

Samael's eyes narrowed in on Dark. There was a certain resemblance between the two men, if one looked to tall, dark and handsome as amounting to a certain resemblance. Although Danika had helped define why Dark had come along with them, Samael couldn't find it in him to actually like the other guardian. The guardian. Samael supposed he didn't count among that number any longer.

He looked aside from Dark, not to concede a victory to the taller man, but caught within his own thoughts.

"Come." Bones' voice struck him again, causing Samael's eyes to lift once again. "It's not that bad. You can go to the human world soon and, for the first time, actually walk up to your beloved."

That sentence would once have brought a smile to his face, purpose and protective instinct to his stature. Lynette's other guide had sent messages here often enough that let him know she was still safe, still there, even without ongoing Samael's guidance during his quest for a corporeal body. It wasn't that which struck a chord of nervousness in him.

A furrow developed between Samael's brows at that 'chord of nervousness' but, before he could articulate his thoughts, Dark spoke again.

"Things are gonna be real different for you from now on. You're not Sidhe anymore. Not just Sidhe. That part of your life is over." With a glance at Bones, he added, "That's the thing that's gonna take more getting used to than the body, I reckon."

Bones shrugged a shoulder, nodding her head in agreement. "I told you that before," she said simply.

"Yeah." Samael's jaw tightened, loosened, then tightened again. "Yeah, you did."

Dark gave him a moment to compose himself, then took in a deep breath. "We'd best get this thing going, if we're going to. Do you know where you want to pop out?"

"Pop... out?"

"Topside. Which city is she in?" When Samael hesitated, Dark's voice turned very droll. "Can't direct you to her if I don't know where I'm directing."

This time, Samael maintained eye contact with Dark for a good long time. "Melbourne," he acceded, finally.

"Good." Dark held an arm out to Bones. "Let's get going, shall we?"
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Sitting in the office of one of my university lecturers yesterday, I'm frantically scrambling to write down notes towards all the comments she's giving me on my essay outline for Tennyson's 'Lady of Shallot'.

There's a pause. Either she's gathering her thoughts or she's waiting for me to catch up with my note taking. I don't really care which one as I'm using the time to scribble down the end of my last thought before she starts talking again.

"You're going to have to explain why the Tower does not signify change..."

And then my mind does something like this:


.... before tuning in again to realise that what she's actually talking about is a comparison between the tower and Camelot in 'The Lady of Shallot', also known as the topic I'm writing my essay on.

I thank god that the only thing that signalled this break in my concentration was my pen pausing over the piece of paper I was writing on, before kick-starting back into note taking.

True Blood

Apr. 19th, 2011 11:00 pm
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Oh yes, that's right. I wandered off to watch the first season of True Blood with my [profile] isabelle_tea and remembered how amazing Alexander Skarsgard is and also how amazing he is particularly in this scene:


And now, of course, seek to take the situation and find a way to re-write it.

Edit: And also, just cause -
True Blood: Season 4 "Waiting Sucks" Eric (HBO)
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"Trash. Trash. Rubbish." Things were flying over James' shoulder and into the doorway of the room behind him, even as Tash sat calmly in that room, on a beanbag, and flicking through a glossy magazine that had been one of the first items James had thrown out of the room he'd claimed as his.

They were settling in well here. All things considered. Daniel had, of course, cased the house for places that might need guarding against. Then, around five minutes later, Sebastian had done the same thing. Tash had no doubt that, given another ten minutes, and once he was done throwing things out of his room and into hers, James would suddenly realise he'd not yet cased the place and would remedy that.

While that happened, Tash would move everything he'd thrown in her room back into his without lifting a finger. Sometimes, it was good to be a witch.

Somehow, she had the idea that Bri wasn't adjusting so well as the rest of them. It might have been that the blonde just hadn't seen as much as the rest of them. Even as she flicked on through pages of her magazine, her mind reviewed the merry band she'd come to ally herself with. Daniel had seen enough to be a smart ass, even though he was merely human. As far as Tash could see, there seemed to be a silent pissing contest between Daniel and James that Daniel still seemed to think he could win.

Sebastian was definitely the brains out of the men. Well, not so much brains. James demonstrated brains on occasion. Particularly in plans that involved himself getting out of situations scot free. Sebastian was the brains behind figuring out what the rest of them might do.

Bri still seemed as though the whole vampire world was a mystery to her. Not surprising as she'd barely been a vampire six months so far. Coming here via the underground must have been a real treat for her. She'd give the girl till later on in the night before trying to approach her about it.

As for her, she had her own reasons why she'd left her home town and come on this jaunt with a group of vampires and their human. But if she had to define it, she'd probably say...

Coming to the end of her glossy mag, Tash delicately removed herself from her beanbag As she started on down the hall to see what the rest of the house was up to, she stopped idly by James' bedroom door.

"Try getting into my mind again? You're going to find all manner of strange things start crawling their way into your head."

James had stopped muttering under his breath and throwing things from his room into hers some time ago. In answer to her accusation, he turned slowly to look her up and down. He wasn't even attempting an innocent fascade. Instead, he gave her a special smile that did not make it even halfway up to his eyes. "Looking forward to it," he answered, with a dare-devil glint.

Tash turned away from his room, made it to the end of the hall where Sebastian was in the process of pouring himself a drink. While she plonked herself on the couch and kicked her legs up over one side, she called out to him, "I thought you said you were going to keep a better leash on your brother."

Sebastian turned aside from the bar -well, dresser, but they had already begun to stock it like a bar- and gave Tasha his whole attention. His eyes were kind of lazy as he considered Tash's request. Really, they'd only been here about two hours. "What's he done now?" he asked, with the world-weary voice of one who has been tied to an unruly twenty-three year old brother for the better part of half a century.

Tasha heaved a sigh. "Tried to get into my mind. Didn't get very far. Obviously. I think I need a drink to make myself feel better about the whole thing."

Sebastian hesitated, then turned back to the bar where there were beverages that were people-friendly, not just vampire-friendly.

"What would you like?" he asked.

"Mm, scotch and soda. Do we have soda?"

Sebastian shook his head. "Guess you'll have to just make do with scotch."

Tasha's lipstick darkened lips twitched in mirth. "Oh, damn."
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Tonight's premier episode was so amazing. Aaaaand... it's got me finally reading the books.
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"I'm looking for a way out."

Danika looked up from her drink, then paused a moment to let her eyes travel all over the body that had found its way in front of her. A playful smile widened her lips, and she hadn't even reached the torso yet.

"Like what you see?" the voice attached to such a very pleasing body said, with not a small amount of irony.

Danika looked back up into his eyes and met that cool gaze with one of her sweetest. "A way out?" she asked, sweeping her eyes dismissively towards the door of the bar they were in. It would be much more interesting if he decided to stay.

"Not that kind of way out," came the reply.

The smile on Danika's lips was not getting any smaller. "Oh, you're one of those types," she said.

"What... types?"

Without answering his question, Danika stuck her hand out to be shaken. "I'm Danika."

The man before her raised an eyebrow.

Danika turned her hand to look at it, then faced it back towards him. "It's not going to bite."

"James," came the rather terse reply, one that came without an accompanying hand to shake.

Danika just curled her fingers around her drink again, then sipped from the straw without worrying about taking her eyes off him. Nobody would try to harm her here. Especially not here.

"Do you know a way out or not? Bar woman said you were the one to ask."

The short fae-like girl gave a small sigh, which masked the look under her eyelashes that she gave to the tall red headed woman whose hands were currently paying a lot of attention to cleaning a glass behind the bar and whose eyes were not hiding the fact that she was watching over this conversation. "It's all about how you look," Danika said, turning back to look at her newest handsome stranger. Her eyes flickered away from him again, this time to a painting on the wall just beyond the door to the bar. "Things in the underground aren't the way they seem."

Hunter came up behind her, another much taller person than she, another very attractive specimen of a man. One of his arms landed loosely around her shoulders; on the other side of him, was another young man.

"Danika. Are you riling this perfectly nice gentleman?" Although Hunter's words were smooth and polite, one would have to be mighty oblivious to miss the steel undertone to his words. Hearing it, the bar wench turned back to her highly polished glass, put it down, and moved onto the next one as she finally took an order at the other side of the bar. "Your brother says you're looking for a way back into the mortal world."

"We are. I'm Sebastian." The dark haired brother of the one she'd been talking to leaned forward to shake her hand, and Danika shook her hair out of her eyes and shot him a high wattage smile.

"Politer than your brother," Danika mused, then merrily pretended not to notice the snarl that got her from the man she'd been talking to. Maybe 'man' was too general a term. That was certainly his gender, if not his species.

Hunter seemed more eager than Danika to get this conversation moving along.

"There is a transport through that mural," he said, but caught onto Sebastian's arm lightly before the two vampire brothers could simply walk off with that information. "Any city that mural drops you in... there are our people on the other side making sure that people who pass through here don't make any... trouble."

Hunter's face was utterly passive as he passed this on, but Sebastian understood.

"I thank you," he said, giving a single nod of his head, the expression in his eyes enough to share that he'd taken this warning seriously.

Much to Danika's disappointment, the brother who had come up to her left in the direction of the mural without another look in her direction. After they passed by, she overheard others talking behind them.

"What did James do this time that Tash wouldn't open up a pathway on her own?"
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I just recently purchased one of the signed hard cover editions of 'Darkest Mercy', waiting patiently -and sometimes not so patiently- for it to be shipped over and arrive here in Australia. When it did arrive, I hugged the book to me for a while, and then commenced reading it. Had I not had work towards my English Honours to get done, it would not have been closed again before I finished it.


I was raving about this series online last night, but the re-tweet I just received that acted in reply to a separate question just about made my morning.

Me: @melissa_marr did polyamory!!! An author of YA fiction did polyamory without stuffing it up!!
Melissa: Belated reply 2 "what r the boundaries in YA?" RT: @persephone20: "@melissa_marr did polyamory!!! An author of YA fiction did polyamory..."

Two things are amazing about this. One: an author that I think a lot of -and would love to study next year in regards to the re-emergence of faerie fiction, particularly in YA fiction- read my comment and replied to me, and Two: it feels like times, they may be a-changing.

That a YA author would not only just bring out a series of books where a polyamorous trio featured as part of a main section of plot, but would then announce that it is a boundary that can easily be crossed in YA seems like a fantastic step into the future for me.

For a while now, I have been looking with dissatisfaction at the common 'love triangle' trope that seems to appear again and again and again in both books and TV shows in the YA genre. Lately, that trope's been becoming a little bit more interesting in such TV shows as Glee where one side of the current love triangle is a girl who's in love with her best friend (another girl).

I guess for me, seeing polyamoury being written into a book like this, without fanfare or controversy, feels to me like I imagine it might have felt to others when the first gay/lesbian couples started appearing in novels as just another option on the kinds of romantic relationships that can be had between people. In Melissa's books, this touching relationship was shown as neither good, nor bad, but just as three people who happened to all love each other individually, having many of the same concerns within that trio as would be had between a couple.

In short: Go Melissa. I think you're doing a great job and I cannot wait to get my hands on the last of the manga books in your 'Desert Tales' series.

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Alright. So this.... This is a story that is best represented by itself. It's poking fun of a whole lot of things, and was really fun to rewrite.

(If anyone knows how to do dreamwidth cuts, I'm happy to hide these stories behind them. I just don't know the html)

The Underground and Himself
This was before they knew him. He was arrogant, self-entitled, after that, but all the Sidhe were like that. Brought up as unelected aristocrats of the fey. At least according to Themselves. So what was he doing down here?

He was humble, only just this side of broken, and only just doing that well. Frator Victatio didn't forget much that he saw. He never brought it up afterwards, and neither did Bones. By the time they arrived at Arize's place, they were already pretending like it had never happened.

But out there, on that dank, drunken night, they had made first sight of the Sidhe that would become Samael. Vic didn't drink, but he did a good impression of a drunk man for all of that. They were swaying back and forth on the street that kept moving -- the street totally could have been moving; it was the underground, after all -- when Bones stood shock-still and Frator Vic resumed watchful sobriety.

"What the fuck is one of the Sidhe doing down here?"

Bones was moving again before Vic could quite reach out to stop her. She could take care of herself, it was just that Vic didn't necessarily think it was a good idea for her to prove that on a member of a race whose presence down here usually preceded violence.

As he watched this Sidhe, however, he didn't think that that was going to be the case. This one looked... lost. Like he didn't know what to make of the two of them, or even of himself having found his way down here. It was unsettling to see in the usually confident Sidhe.

Not unsettling to Bones, apparently.

"You look like shit." She wasn't saying it to borrow trouble, though Vic felt some concern that this might be the way her standard bluntness was received. For surety, the Sidhe was taken aback. Then his eyelids dipped half over his eyes in a way that somehow didn't obscure his view of Bones; a reasonably suave move coming from the Sidhe, since Bones stood almost as high as the lithe fey man.

"You are the bone woman."

Clearly, he'd heard of her.

Bones didn't preen for a moment over the obvious claim to infamy. "Yes. And you are tall, dark and reasonably attractive. For a fairy boy. So what are you doing here?" She attempted a leer but, between her drunken stance and lack of one eye behind the eye-patch she wore, it came out as almost more of a snarl.

Vic groaned under his breath, but the 'fairy boy's eyes flickered up immediately to assess him. Damned Sidhe. Their hearing was as bad as the vampires'. Vic cleared his throat, but stood his ground. Cherry wouldn't like it at all if he came home in more than one piece, but she'd like it far less if he didn't come home at all.

The Sidhe's eyes moved away from Vic as suddenly as they'd come to him, obviously -- probably correctly -- assessing her as the more volatile threat.

"And, he is?"

It was interesting that, bedraggled as he still clearly was, he was already beginning to command some of that arrogance that made up much of the backbone of his race. Bones didn't play into it at all. "That's Vic. And I'm Bones. And, you are?"

"I don't... have one." He frowned.

"A name? Eh." Bones shrugged one bare shoulder. "You'd be surprised how common that is around these parts. Why are you here?"

Bones' emphasis referred back to the original question, still unanswered, and now repeated twice. Apparently, this time the fairy boy saw fit to answer it.

"I have no where else to go." That lost look was returning to his features again. Apparently, they'd offered something to distract him for a while. Vic found that he almost preferred the fairy boy when he was cusping on arrogant.

"You do now," Bones supplied briefly. "Come on. Let's go knock on the Succubus' door."

Vic groaned again, this time without the Sidhe's note. Arize wasn't the best for having house guests; his partner even less so. This was going to be... interesting.

"Vic? You coming?"

Coming? Vic questioned silently, his feet already moving to follow up behind them. Like he'd miss this.
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I've just started reading Dracula and Bronte's Villette for the next couple of weeks of Victorian and Gothic literature classes. Before that, I believe there was The Lifted Veil and half a dozen short stories by Poe. All of these are written in first person narrative. Most of these have a completely ho-hum normal beginning before everything gets uncanny or at least, in the case of Villette, before the romantic interest makes an appearance.

I'd been wanting to write something to begin this journal as a creative outlet and these books I've been reading have ended up shaping the form of it.

This will likely be pretty rough. It is not the usual tone I use for my writing.

April 7th
I haven't thought of this story for many years. For a long time, I remember going to therapy. It turned out I wasn't much good at therapy. Seems I wouldn't 'apply myself' to getting to the bottom of repressed memories. That's that the round man in the tweed suit with suede elbows commonly told me. I can tell you exactly how much that showed how much he was listening to his patient.

For me, there were no repressed memories. There were, in fact, no memories there to be repressed. I told him exactly what I remembered -- that I had been brought back into the world I knew by my friend (no, I couldn't say which friend, she isn't exactly the kind you could contact), I knew we were running, and that we were relieved when we got me back here. She couldn't stay though, but she'd never be far -- but apparently this story left too many gaps in the narrative that I should clearly be able to fill in. I'm sorry, I had not realised that this was a writing your life class. I thought I had come in for a therapy session.

I stopped going to the therapist in the tweed suit with suede elbows very soon after it became clear that he could not help me. And he was overcharging.

I rented a flat near the city after that. For some reason, the idea of nameless, faceless people, but a lot of them, all around me, all the time, made me feel safe. The flat was one bedroom in a loft over the small kitchen / living room area, and when I went to sleep up there, I felt like I was on top of the world. No one could touch me here. My living room was barely ever used. I would eat my breakfast of toast and coffee in front of my computer that was set on a desk next to my bed and, after getting dressed, I would take the bus to work.

My work was never a terribly interesting place of occupation, but it was money. The boss did not treat his staff terribly, and it was not so far from home.

Of an evening, I would walk through the park near my house. Sometimes, when I had a book with me, I would sit and read underneath one of the oaks until the last of the light to read by faded, and I would walk the rest of the two blocks that would take me home.

Why do I tell you all of this? It is not to bore you, merely to show you how ordinary my life was. You see, the memories that my ex-therapist had been so concerned with came back. Oh, they hadn't been repressed, I knew that for sure the minute they were returned to me.
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I've just had The Autumn Castle, by Australian writer Kim Wilkins, recommended to me by [profile] teknohippi. It has completely absorbed me from first page to about half way through fourth chapter when Fergie interrupted the flow of my reading to ask me something before. Very well written, very much making me want to keep reading to see where it goes. Depictions of characters are a little bit on the light side but there's enough given to keep you engaged.

I didn't know, when I picked this up, that it had a large portion of it set in the Faery world. I remember, a couple of years ago, it was nearly impossible to pick up faery fiction. Now it seems to be about as popular as vampire fiction, with as much variation given in authors' discretion over how to represent these creatures, and the good ones seem to keep gravitating towards me.


It's something I can live with, actually.
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I love Melissa Marr.

After at first being loaned the first book in the series by the friend of an ex-housemate of mine, I have since sought out that book, the rest of the series, including the eBook editions that have been promoted on her livejournal and graphic novels that she's released in the same world.

But the reason I make this post is because of a conversation I was having with [personal profile] coquilleon yesterday (one of many, so many, conversations) about how the gay element is getting represented more and more often in teen shows. We had it in Buffy, which was the first time I really noticed it but that reveals my age more than anything else. There's been Skins; at the moment there is Glee, and we were talking about an interview where they'd posited introducing it in The Vampire Diaries (which I think could be amazingly interesting, if only because it's something that wasn't acknowledged in the books).

At this, I believe my retort was that it would be nice to see polyamorous... arrangements represented, then lightly tagged that it would probably be another couple of decades until we got to the point with polyamory in the media that we are currently at with gay representation. At which the fast becoming stock-standard of polyamory, Big Love, was paraded, and I grouched about that, then went to bed.


Heading gradually back around to the first line of this post: I love Melissa Marr. On the eBooks that I have collected from her is the mini series 'Stopping Time' that follow on from her full length novel Ink Exchange. Now this is a great little bit just because it shows the love felt for one character by two different characters, without the need to make it into a love triangle where one gets the girl and the other.. well, doesn't. And as I'm reading this morning's review of the conclusion to Marr's series -linked by Melissa herself- I find myself getting a little excited.

Certain... "er... arrangements" are said to be satisfied in this book. Pairings and... "er... arrangements", and this gives me hope, not the least for a new variation in an old staple of young adult books. But also for having a chance to see my lifestyle represented in the fiction I choose to read.

And while there's a part of me that can't help but think I've horribly recontextualised Marr's meaning in the writing of this .... arrangement, for myself I choose live in hope!
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Have you ever fallen in love with two people at once? How did it work out?

I found this question on LiveJournal, and had to answer: Frequently!!

Actually... there was this trend for a long while where the older relationship would fall down due to insecurities once a new person entered into the equation. Then, one day, there was the arrival of this awesome person who for some reason seems to understand the fact that it's more natural for me to be in love with multiple people at the same time. And he was okay with that. In practice as well as in theory.

And that is cool. Except for the unforseen side-effect that this awesomeness leaves me with time to think about my own insecurities in the place of spending all my time working on someone else's...

:/ (I really don't think this was the original intension of the question)
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