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Lead-in to this journal entry here

Samael shrugged his shoulders in the new body that had been tied to him, tied to his essence. The usual menagerie was not here. Bones had made sure of that.

"I only count one bone woman here, and it certainly isn't any one of you," she'd announced to a room that consisted of Eddie, Arize, Hunter, Vic and Dark.

Danika, behind a smirk she didn't do a lot to hide, dared ask idly, "Why's he get to come along?"

Bones had looked at Dark, then answered, "He's a guardian."

Now Samael stood, with only Bones and Dark, pondering the body they had given him while the guardian and the bone woman watched on.

"It doesn't feel any different."

Bones tipped her head to the side, looking at him with no small amount of irony. "Well, of course it doesn't feel any different. You're still here, aren't you?"

Samael looked down at himself, almost expecting to see parts of his body become suddenly transparent. When that didn't happen, he looked back up at Bones and Dark. "I'm still here," he agreed, with one short nod.

Bones snorted. "Not here, you idiot. Here." She waved her arm around, indicating everything around them, the graveyard and beyond. "In the underground."

Samael blinked. "And your point?" he asked.

When Bones sighed and rolled her eyes, Dark decided to take this one. "Believe me. You'll notice a difference when you go topside."

Samael's eyes narrowed in on Dark. There was a certain resemblance between the two men, if one looked to tall, dark and handsome as amounting to a certain resemblance. Although Danika had helped define why Dark had come along with them, Samael couldn't find it in him to actually like the other guardian. The guardian. Samael supposed he didn't count among that number any longer.

He looked aside from Dark, not to concede a victory to the taller man, but caught within his own thoughts.

"Come." Bones' voice struck him again, causing Samael's eyes to lift once again. "It's not that bad. You can go to the human world soon and, for the first time, actually walk up to your beloved."

That sentence would once have brought a smile to his face, purpose and protective instinct to his stature. Lynette's other guide had sent messages here often enough that let him know she was still safe, still there, even without ongoing Samael's guidance during his quest for a corporeal body. It wasn't that which struck a chord of nervousness in him.

A furrow developed between Samael's brows at that 'chord of nervousness' but, before he could articulate his thoughts, Dark spoke again.

"Things are gonna be real different for you from now on. You're not Sidhe anymore. Not just Sidhe. That part of your life is over." With a glance at Bones, he added, "That's the thing that's gonna take more getting used to than the body, I reckon."

Bones shrugged a shoulder, nodding her head in agreement. "I told you that before," she said simply.

"Yeah." Samael's jaw tightened, loosened, then tightened again. "Yeah, you did."

Dark gave him a moment to compose himself, then took in a deep breath. "We'd best get this thing going, if we're going to. Do you know where you want to pop out?"

"Pop... out?"

"Topside. Which city is she in?" When Samael hesitated, Dark's voice turned very droll. "Can't direct you to her if I don't know where I'm directing."

This time, Samael maintained eye contact with Dark for a good long time. "Melbourne," he acceded, finally.

"Good." Dark held an arm out to Bones. "Let's get going, shall we?"
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"I'm looking for a way out."

Danika looked up from her drink, then paused a moment to let her eyes travel all over the body that had found its way in front of her. A playful smile widened her lips, and she hadn't even reached the torso yet.

"Like what you see?" the voice attached to such a very pleasing body said, with not a small amount of irony.

Danika looked back up into his eyes and met that cool gaze with one of her sweetest. "A way out?" she asked, sweeping her eyes dismissively towards the door of the bar they were in. It would be much more interesting if he decided to stay.

"Not that kind of way out," came the reply.

The smile on Danika's lips was not getting any smaller. "Oh, you're one of those types," she said.

"What... types?"

Without answering his question, Danika stuck her hand out to be shaken. "I'm Danika."

The man before her raised an eyebrow.

Danika turned her hand to look at it, then faced it back towards him. "It's not going to bite."

"James," came the rather terse reply, one that came without an accompanying hand to shake.

Danika just curled her fingers around her drink again, then sipped from the straw without worrying about taking her eyes off him. Nobody would try to harm her here. Especially not here.

"Do you know a way out or not? Bar woman said you were the one to ask."

The short fae-like girl gave a small sigh, which masked the look under her eyelashes that she gave to the tall red headed woman whose hands were currently paying a lot of attention to cleaning a glass behind the bar and whose eyes were not hiding the fact that she was watching over this conversation. "It's all about how you look," Danika said, turning back to look at her newest handsome stranger. Her eyes flickered away from him again, this time to a painting on the wall just beyond the door to the bar. "Things in the underground aren't the way they seem."

Hunter came up behind her, another much taller person than she, another very attractive specimen of a man. One of his arms landed loosely around her shoulders; on the other side of him, was another young man.

"Danika. Are you riling this perfectly nice gentleman?" Although Hunter's words were smooth and polite, one would have to be mighty oblivious to miss the steel undertone to his words. Hearing it, the bar wench turned back to her highly polished glass, put it down, and moved onto the next one as she finally took an order at the other side of the bar. "Your brother says you're looking for a way back into the mortal world."

"We are. I'm Sebastian." The dark haired brother of the one she'd been talking to leaned forward to shake her hand, and Danika shook her hair out of her eyes and shot him a high wattage smile.

"Politer than your brother," Danika mused, then merrily pretended not to notice the snarl that got her from the man she'd been talking to. Maybe 'man' was too general a term. That was certainly his gender, if not his species.

Hunter seemed more eager than Danika to get this conversation moving along.

"There is a transport through that mural," he said, but caught onto Sebastian's arm lightly before the two vampire brothers could simply walk off with that information. "Any city that mural drops you in... there are our people on the other side making sure that people who pass through here don't make any... trouble."

Hunter's face was utterly passive as he passed this on, but Sebastian understood.

"I thank you," he said, giving a single nod of his head, the expression in his eyes enough to share that he'd taken this warning seriously.

Much to Danika's disappointment, the brother who had come up to her left in the direction of the mural without another look in her direction. After they passed by, she overheard others talking behind them.

"What did James do this time that Tash wouldn't open up a pathway on her own?"
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Alright. So this.... This is a story that is best represented by itself. It's poking fun of a whole lot of things, and was really fun to rewrite.

(If anyone knows how to do dreamwidth cuts, I'm happy to hide these stories behind them. I just don't know the html)

The Underground and Himself
This was before they knew him. He was arrogant, self-entitled, after that, but all the Sidhe were like that. Brought up as unelected aristocrats of the fey. At least according to Themselves. So what was he doing down here?

He was humble, only just this side of broken, and only just doing that well. Frator Victatio didn't forget much that he saw. He never brought it up afterwards, and neither did Bones. By the time they arrived at Arize's place, they were already pretending like it had never happened.

But out there, on that dank, drunken night, they had made first sight of the Sidhe that would become Samael. Vic didn't drink, but he did a good impression of a drunk man for all of that. They were swaying back and forth on the street that kept moving -- the street totally could have been moving; it was the underground, after all -- when Bones stood shock-still and Frator Vic resumed watchful sobriety.

"What the fuck is one of the Sidhe doing down here?"

Bones was moving again before Vic could quite reach out to stop her. She could take care of herself, it was just that Vic didn't necessarily think it was a good idea for her to prove that on a member of a race whose presence down here usually preceded violence.

As he watched this Sidhe, however, he didn't think that that was going to be the case. This one looked... lost. Like he didn't know what to make of the two of them, or even of himself having found his way down here. It was unsettling to see in the usually confident Sidhe.

Not unsettling to Bones, apparently.

"You look like shit." She wasn't saying it to borrow trouble, though Vic felt some concern that this might be the way her standard bluntness was received. For surety, the Sidhe was taken aback. Then his eyelids dipped half over his eyes in a way that somehow didn't obscure his view of Bones; a reasonably suave move coming from the Sidhe, since Bones stood almost as high as the lithe fey man.

"You are the bone woman."

Clearly, he'd heard of her.

Bones didn't preen for a moment over the obvious claim to infamy. "Yes. And you are tall, dark and reasonably attractive. For a fairy boy. So what are you doing here?" She attempted a leer but, between her drunken stance and lack of one eye behind the eye-patch she wore, it came out as almost more of a snarl.

Vic groaned under his breath, but the 'fairy boy's eyes flickered up immediately to assess him. Damned Sidhe. Their hearing was as bad as the vampires'. Vic cleared his throat, but stood his ground. Cherry wouldn't like it at all if he came home in more than one piece, but she'd like it far less if he didn't come home at all.

The Sidhe's eyes moved away from Vic as suddenly as they'd come to him, obviously -- probably correctly -- assessing her as the more volatile threat.

"And, he is?"

It was interesting that, bedraggled as he still clearly was, he was already beginning to command some of that arrogance that made up much of the backbone of his race. Bones didn't play into it at all. "That's Vic. And I'm Bones. And, you are?"

"I don't... have one." He frowned.

"A name? Eh." Bones shrugged one bare shoulder. "You'd be surprised how common that is around these parts. Why are you here?"

Bones' emphasis referred back to the original question, still unanswered, and now repeated twice. Apparently, this time the fairy boy saw fit to answer it.

"I have no where else to go." That lost look was returning to his features again. Apparently, they'd offered something to distract him for a while. Vic found that he almost preferred the fairy boy when he was cusping on arrogant.

"You do now," Bones supplied briefly. "Come on. Let's go knock on the Succubus' door."

Vic groaned again, this time without the Sidhe's note. Arize wasn't the best for having house guests; his partner even less so. This was going to be... interesting.

"Vic? You coming?"

Coming? Vic questioned silently, his feet already moving to follow up behind them. Like he'd miss this.


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