May. 12th, 2011

Glee 2.20

May. 12th, 2011 11:41 am
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Watching Glee yesterday, I'm thinking two things.


What is that name down in the bottom corner there? O.o

And that was it for me for the rest of that conversation. I didn't even know what happened in it till the second time I watched it through.

Then, as the episode progressed, I'm thinking: Must write fanfic quickly, as there's no way that he's going to continue being in the show this time around beyond the current season!!! (Okay, I haven't actually checked this with facts that I could no doubt find on the internet, I'd rather be pleasantly surprised).

Oh, actually, I lie. There was one thing I thought of that wasn't Jonathan Groff related, and that was: This is exactly what I would have liked my prom to be about had I had one. All about women dancing with each other, men dancing with each other, "Someone for everyone," as Kurt at one point says. There's drama and fighting, threatened torture and the Glee group actually making 'Friday' sound good. (As a friend said, though, this song choice seemed there only to be able to prove that they can make absolutely any crappy thing look fantastic.)

I especially liked the framing of Kurt/Santana/Quinn all saying that they weren't going back into the prom room, and the latter two making plans to run away from the school entirely.

All in all, Santana and Jesse are my favorite characters (what's wrong with me?), and I truly wish that they would one day break away from the show to create their own spin-off series if either of them have to leave at all.



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